FASHION! high end brands ! Find out below how most “ knock offs … aren’t actually knock offs”

First I can promise you that DHGATE has NEVER failed me!! From drop shipping my own boutique and personal shopping, influencer affiliate work on the side.

I love VERSACE like I love love ! I have the books even studied ! It’s just amazing, daring and I feel like me. Which I know alot of you sexy mamas can Agree bc it’s sexy but super classy in a AYYYY boss lady swag hehe .

But like I was stating in the head lines , yep you read correctly! More then 90% ” knockoffs ” aren’t knocks off at all, but the smallest wrong threading and it gets “tossed” to the side. This is also why places like DHgate a world wide and i live in Sweden it’s actually pretty fast delivery! Shocking ! Love it !! But they wouldn’t be able to sell like they do, and most of the things I have drafted but will be posting. .

This one Though 🤩 see for yourself .

***Any links used from my post and either making a purchase or signing up to be member or also affiliate

( highly recommend it ) however commission from DHgate will not do anything to your purchase. ***

Take a look at this fabulous product of Dhgate. Use code: 3B4EI67D get extra $3 off for new users!

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